Large subchorionic hemorrhage stories?

Becca • Mama of 2

I’ve been bleeding off and on for two weeks now since finding out I’m pregnant. I’m 6 + 3 today and via internal ultrasound they found a large subchorionic hemorrhage. She said to prepare myself as I’m at increased risk of miscarrying and put me on pelvic rest, not bed rest but said to limit activities like no housework, no bending or lifting etc. I go back one week from today for another ultrasound. I’m silently freaking out because everyone has said these are quite common and 99% resolve on there own but when I asked if it’s a 50/50 chance that this pregnancy will continue all she said is my risk is even greater than that. I’m a wreck but trying to be positive. Please tell me success stories if you were in a similar situation!