Sex and questions

I recently had sex and we used a condom, it felt normal I was enjoying it. My boyfriend tells me he’a about to cum so he does and he pulls out and as he’s pulling out I see that the condom is broken. I told him that even though we use condoms I always want him to pull out before he cums but I guess he care a little bit in me and I am freaking out. I’m not ready to be a mother. I’m 18 years old. He told me that we will get a plan B right away but I’m still freaking out because this is one of my biggest fears. And I don’t really know how to go about getting birth control because my mom is really crazy about sex, she’s not gonna willingly take me to go get some even though she doesn’t want me to have a kid. I’m just scared I’m trying to have faith in God that everything will work out as it should but I’m freaking out a little.