Exs and sex..

So yesterday was Fathers Day and my ex (we broke up beginning of May) and I occasionally still spoke. Just about nothing. He knew I didn’t have a great relationship with my dad and invited me to go with him to meet his family an hour away to help him get through being there.

We swam around in their pool for awhile and I wrapped my legs around him while in front of him and I kind of grinded myself against him and he got hard. So that went on for about 4 hours off an on. We would fuck with each other, I would rub his cock and at one point he was standing in the shallow end with his knees bent a little and he showed me his cock. So I just instantly sucked on the tip just enough to tease him a little more. We knew we couldn’t do anything there because his nana and poppa were pretty strict plus judgmental And so we waited. We ended up leaving and I was wearing a dress. When we first went I wore bikini bottoms as underwear and leaving I didn’t want to wet my dress with the wet bikini.

We left town and just went on a long stretch of empty highway, with a bunch of trees surrounded. I pulled my dress up and I started rubbing myself and it felt sooo good. And he got more turned on so I turned my body to where he could see what I was doing and he started fingering me while driving. (He was still watching the road) and I damn near came all over his seat!! He unzipped his pants and I leaned over the center console and started sucking his hard cock, and it was a great position to deep throat so I took it all. And while he was in the back of my throat I slid my tongue side by side at the base of his cock and he was so turned on and he wanted to cum but I told him not til we got back to my place. The anticipation was so hot. We got back to my place and I shut my bedroom door and I was so ready I immediately took off my dress and unhooked my bra. We made out and then got into bed. He went down on me and it felt so good I was on cloud 9! Then he came back up and slid himself inside me. I knew he may of needed to cum quickly so I told him to get my dildo out of my closet (we never used toys before, I didn’t buy them til after we broke up.) and he got it and fucked me with my toy and slowly slid a finger in my ass and I was astounded by the pleasure I got. Then I wanted him! So i told him to stop and to slide into me. I grabbed my vibrator and put it on my clit and I came all over his cock. He turned me over and then made me squirt and then he came all over me. It was the best sex we’d ever had. We took an hour nap, went for round 2 and then he went home.

When he went home we decided it was stupid of us for ending things before. We still have chemistry and we do still want each other. So now we’re back together and he’s about to come over again and fuck me. I’m so excited!