Boyfriends mom wants to pick


I’m currently 24 weeks with a baby girl, boyfriend and I are excited, his whole family is excited. His mom had 3 boys and his older brother had 4 boys. Originally we had the name Paisley Elizabeth picked out, even before she was conceived (neither name has any significant meaning). We decided that we were going to explore other name options. His mom overheard something about new names and of course puts her suggestions in the pot, very forcefully.

“Well you should use Anne, it was my mothers middle name.” I told her I wanted to use my grandmothers name Kay as the middle name. “Two middle names never hurt anybody. Or better yet, Anne could be the first name!”

First of all lady, we’ve already agreed if we have a boy in the future, he’ll have YOUR dads name as the middle name. Second of all, this baby is already getting your family’s last name when I don’t even have it.

This is mine and my boyfriends child. Nobody is going to be picking our child’s name except for us. I appreciate the suggestions from her but this isn’t the first thing she’s tried to control the last few months. If she would’ve been kind about it, the name would be considered but with her tone and just what she said in general, sorry no. Not going to be forced to do anything, especially with my baby.