Who’s right??

Dana • Momma of two babies 💖 one beautiful baby girl and one handsome baby boy

So here’s some background as to why I’m asking this, my father in law divorced my first MIL (husband’s bio mom) a few years ago, he remarried pretty fast and now all he does is complain about my current MIL. He acts like she’s so controlling when all she does is ask that he does a few household chores and pick up her son up from school when she’s working too late and to drop him off every morning. He literally said to us that he feels like she thinks he’s her “house slave”, this man has no job, all he does is sit on his tablet and play games all day long and if he isn’t doing that he’s binge watching Netflix or he’s sleeping. I’ve witnessed this all first hand in April when I went to stay with them for my sister’s wedding. He also complains that my MIL gets angry with him “for no reason” when I’ve also witnessed him doing things that would piss any normal person off. He also keeps threatening divorce behind her back to my husband because he supposedly “can’t take it anymore.” when really all she’s asking is that he pitch in around the house because she doesn’t have the time. (She’s a nurse at a hospital and her hours are pretty irregular so she doesn’t have time for much when she’s home except to shower and then go to bed.)I just think it’s ridiculous that he would try to paint this picture that this woman is such a monster when he does any and everything to prove he’s the problem. My husband is totally biased and just automatically believes his dad, I however can see why she’d be the way she is, this man hardly does anything at all and has this woman supporting him while he’s out of work and has made no effort until recently to try and get another job. Now onto the question, Do you think my MIL is right to be as frustrated as she is or is my FIL right to act like she’s too controlling?