water leaking???

Sarah • 💙Leo-4.13.16 🌈Landon-6.23.18

so ive been in a stalled labor pretty much the last few days. had nonstop contractions for days. I dilated to a little past 1cm, effaced, but no more dilation whatsoever.

ive been walking dancing squatting everything. today i ate some spicy food and walked a bit, it was also 90 degrees and super humid. well about 2 hours ago i felt some wetness down there in small drops so i figured ok I'll relax a bit and see if more comes. more came and felt like a leaky dripping sensation so i went to the bathroom. this was in my underwear, it looks like normal discharge but when I wiped I had chunks of my mucus plug on the paper (whitish and a little pink) but the fluid-like stuff is still slowly coming out?? is it accompanying my

plug or is it amniotic fluid?