I've started my 6 month old on stage 3


My little ones dr said she could start it as she's advanced for her age.

So far she's had the puff cereals and loves them can eat them whole she has 3 teeth already,

The yogurt puffs she's not too fond of them ATM, have to break those up and give them to her...

And the fruit melts she likes those but again I break those up.

Stage 2 lil bits she doesn't like it at all and will gag.. I've mashed the bits and she will eat it so I'm sure it's the texture,

The lil apple bit pick ups in the fruit juice she doesn't like them

The Vienna sausages she doesn't like either.

My child is 20 pounds 29 & 1/2 inches long starting to crawl and can sit up in her own as well as chew and pick up food and has 3 teeth.