Spotting 5 days after my period!


Ok so I have been off of birth control since October 2017. Me and my hubby are TTC and have been since October. This month my period started a week early and lasted for 8 DAYS, however the last 3 days were light spotting. I thought it was weird because my periods normally last 6 days tops. Well on the 17th (4 days after my period ended) I started spotting and it was bright pink/red. Today it has been more brownish and it’s very very light. I have been nauseous for about 2 weeks now and I have taken a test although I think it’s too early for it to show and it was negative. I also have experienced light cramping but not like period cramps and the lower part of my stomach is sensitive/more pressure.. With my daughter I had implantation bleeding for 3 days and it is very similar to what I have experienced yesterday and today. When should I test again? Or is anyone else having/had similar situations. I really hope I am pregnant but I don’t wanna get my hopes up! HELP? 😂🤞🏼