I found out my boyfriends gay.

Strap in ladies, because boy do I have a story. So I’ve been dating this guy for about two years. We met in freshman year (college) during college theater, and although he did give a bit of a gay vibe despite being very masculine and assertive, and he ended up asking me out, so all thoughts of him possibly being gay went away. He’s truly amazing in every way. He’s genuinely kind, caring, funny, romantic, etc. He was basically the perfect guy, but he hated sex with me. He was fine with very little foreplay, but anything below the belt was too much, he’d pull away and make excuses. When I’d approach him about it, he said he just wanted to wait, or that he wanted to make sure I was ready (which I defo was, neither of us were virgins so??). After feeling incredibly distant and having many more failed sex attempts, I kinda yelled at him. I felt unloved, unattractive, etc. Why didn’t he want to touch me?? When I confronted him again, he broke down. He told me he’d been struggling with his sexuality all his life, and although he loved me, he didn’t feel physically attracted to me, and that he was sure he was gay. I understand, I love and want to support him, but I’m also upset?? I feel selfish, but I was attracted to him in every way. It feels like a genuine breakup, and I’m finding it hard to get past my own emotions enough to be there for him during this time. Is there anyone literally at all with a similar experience or maybe some advice??