So i am 33 and my fiance and i just started ttc. I was married before in my 20s and my now ex husand kept saying we would have a baby and then by the time i was 27-28 he said nvm. So my 20s were essentially wasted. Dated another guy another guy after him who said yes we would have kids but kept putting it on the back burner (hes 5 years younger) i explained i only have so much time and if we would have kids it eould have to happen sooner than later. He wanted to finish school (1.5 years left) then get married then start trying i said i dont have that kind of time. We broke up end of 2107 (other reasons as well). My current fiance and i have had quite a whirlwind romance and he is 33 and wants kids too, hence why we are ttc. But heres my discouraging part: i have never been on birth control and never used contraceptives. Just "the pull out" method. How can i have sex for 10+ years and that be my only "preventative" method and i have never got pregnant. I am worried i cant but i dont wanna go to the dr and they say that because i will be devastated.

Sorry for the long rant/post