weight loss


i was around 124-125lbs about 2-3yrs ago and i wasnt happy with how my body looked, i mean i used to think that it’d be nice to lose some weight but the thought of working out or going on a diet was never in my head. i was like meh whatever, its not really that big of a deal. so i did nothing to change. fast forward to this year, ive been loosing weight without doing any workout or going on any diet. ive just been eating as much as ive always been. now my weight is 100lbs. i do feel happy about this, but im also worried that i might have some sickness or something in my body thats causing all this weighloss. i told my mom this and she was like “it’s because youre staying up late every night” which i do, i stay up really late. i mean, it could be a possibility. but im just wondering if something is wrong with my body. i’m 17 btw:)