Life or Love?


My partner of 3 years and I are in love, there is no questioning that.


Our lives seem to be pulling in different directions, in our early 20’s we are both still young and I want to travel and explore and do adventurous things. He wants to study, build a career and find stability.

We have super open connection in our relationship so we both know the others feelings about this.

It’s come to the point where we need to make choices and I don’t know what I’ll regret more:

Sacrificing the drive to throw myself in the deep end and find myself, in exchange for our relationship and my love for him.

Or taking the risks I want to take, learn to be independent and see the world, and risk losing someone who is so important to me and my entire life as it is now.

He is also trying to figure out what he wants. We both know that he has the right to protect his emotions or take the risk on giving them to me.

Has anyone been in this situation. It’s killing me and has been for a while. We are both sick of being utterly crushed by it.