This is only my opinion. I have seen animals/pets (dogs, cats, etc...) behave around food or other humans. A grown man can behave around a 12 year old. Or however the age, everyone should be raised to know better. EVERYONE should be raised to know that no means no. A child/ toddler can’t dress inappropriately. Personally, I don’t think anyone can dress inappropriately, yes the event might not match but, if they’re comfortable in what they’re wearing in their own body then nobody should tell them that they can’t wear what they want because they’ll get raped. No, that’s not fair. People need to face the fact that there are rapists in the world. There will be rapists because this world isn’t perfect. It doesn’t matter what clothes your daughter wears. I wish that nobody ever gets raped and I hope that nobody’s child is a rapist. But, I also am

not going to apologize for what I am saying because there is nothing to apologize for.

I promise this is getting to the part where i’m nervous/scared about.

I was 5 years old, my half-brother was 15. Ten years apart. He knew better. One afternoon my dad was sitting in the living room watching tv and my mom was at work. Btw both my parents are deaf so they cannot hear. My older brother, Jacob, is not my father’s child but is my mothers. He was very mean to me. Pushed me away, made fun of me, etc.. like big brothers do. But, He called me into his room, and I was excited because he never wants to hang out with me and so me being the 5 year old was willing to hang out of course. He called me over to him and he said I need you to pinky promise me something, I said what is it? He said i’ll show you. He pulled out his penis and pulled down my pants and tried to put me on top of him. I said no what are you doing he said it’s fine, everyone does this. I said I don’t wanna do this. He said fine but you have to at least put it in your mouth. I didn’t want to and he forced me onto him. He said “just bite it off, tug at it” I said i have to pee he said get on me, pee on me and then i’ll go for you. I said no thank you and ran off to the bathroom. I do not remember what happened after that but, I am now 15. this past January I was 14 years old. I finally told my dad what happened. He was perfect in this situation. He made me feel like none of it was my fault, which it wasn’t. He was just very perverted. I cried a lot but also keep in mind, my dad isn’t Jacobs dad. My mother was suggesting to bring Jacob to my graduation in a couple years and I told her no he cannot come I do not want to see him. She asked me why and I was too scared to tell her because she’s never been the one to believe me. Jacob is also her first son, she will never take my word over his. So I decided that I will not tell her. This is my decision and I may regret it but, hey. He lives no where near me so it works out.