RAINBOW BABY? Or faint line?


I recently had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago and was only 5 weeks 6 days along. Was recommended the D&C; so i underwent the surgery.

After the D&C; i spotted then had my period (what i believe was my period) and it lasted 10 days (since all tissue etc was removed from my uterus).

Was recommended to do 2 weeks of pelvic rest including restraining sex.

I’m aware some doctors prefer you to wait 1-2 cycles but my miscarriage caused no concerns and lab results were fine so i wasn’t instructed to wait to TTC!

I took a pregnancy test to get a negative result to start TTC and it has a faint line OMG!!

Checked my cervix and it is high, medium soft, tilted and CLOSED😱

Am i pregnant again or is it a evaporation line or is my hcg levels still trying to lower. (Levels should already be 0 by now)

Also if it’s this early do you think it’s multiples !! I’ve heard multiples are likely ate miscarriages and abortions