PRE-labor symptoms??

What symptoms did you have within a day or so before you went into labor? I’m wondering because i haven’t had ANY GI symptoms during my pregnancy. No constipation or diarrhea, and only had nausea early on and when I would go too long without eating- I only puked one time from it so it’s been on the easier end of the spectrum as far as that goes.. suddenly today I started having horrible “gas” pains only to realize it wasn’t gas.. I had to poo! So I went and felt alright but thought I’d definitely need to go again soon. Ten minutes later I felt like I couldn’t make it to a toilet quick enough! I also got super sweaty but cold and nauseous and dizzy. Once I went I had to turn right around and puke too. Idk if Ive got a GI bug or if maybe just maybe my body could be prepping for labor! I read somewhere that it could be but obviously it’s not a certainty. What do you think? Just wanna hear if this sounds familiar for any mommas out there.