sex like never before 😍😍😍

So last night my fiance and I had the best sex I think we've ever had. I can't stop thinking about it! Ugh, it was just so good. So we had a few drinks and were hanging out before we went to bed. we finally make it to bed and I suggested having sex and he said no because he was tired. I was a little annoyed but said said okay and laid down for bed. He went to the bathroom and I closed my eyes and before I knew into was alseep. I couldn't have been asleep for long though. He comes back from the bathroom and snuggles up next to me and taps me on the shoulder, and I ignore him because I'm sleepy. But he kept tapping me so I looked over at him. "I wanna play" he said in a sexy voice. I was immediately awake lol. I rolled over and started jacking him off and kissing him. It wasn't long until I got on top of him. Then out of nowhere he grabs me by my legs and pulls me up onto his face and starts eating me out. He's not into oral so this was a huge surprise for me (and a very good surprise). I held onto the headboard so hard because I had to be quiet (were in a hotel) and enjoyed it. For not being one for oral damn is he good at it. He flipped me onto my back and continued to eat me out and I was in heaven. He buried his face in my pussy and I damn near cried it was so good. We went back and forth for a while between going down on each other and having sex. Then he suggested we 69 (which we've never done before) and I was more than happy to try it. It was just as amazing as I expected it to be 😍😍😍 After that I rode him and I came so hard I could barely move. He hadn't come yet though so he pounded me until he did and I loved every second of it. After we cuddled and had snacks 💏❤

I think I'm gonna be taking a break from sex for a few days though. My vagina is sore 😂