Please I'm desperate!


I started light spotting on wednesday my spotting has continued and seems to be getting heavier. Its mainly noticeable when I wipe or use the (bright red). On Wed. (6/27) hcg @2300; only sac on u/s. Thurs. (6/28) levels @2738. Fri. (6/29) bleeding almost gone. Sat. (6/30) bleeding was mild. I ended up in E.R my hcg 3thousand and some. Had another u/s still couldn't see a baby I should be 7 weeks by now. Now they're thinking it's ectopic. I was put on complete bedrest until I see my dr on Monday or Tuesday. I'm so scared, confused, sad, just plain emotional. Idk what's going on. Dr's dont know why I'm bleeding. They called my OB last night and he told them to let me go home, and that hcg levels aren't always to go by. I have mild cramping as well. Idk what to think anymore. 😞 I just miscarried in April so I'm preparing for the worst rn. Nothing the drs have said is making me feel less worried. Idk why they continue to send me home even with them telling me it could be ectopic. Any similar stories no matter the outcome? Please I'm just so confused.