Am I wrong?


I am getting married in August to the most wonderful man ever!! I am beyond excited for our wedding! I am so blessed to have him in my life and I cant believe our wedding is coming up so fast!

once we had gotten serious about planning our wedding his mom ask us if we would like her to do the rehearsal dinner and of course we said yes! we told her wanted something simple and low key, even as simple as a back yard bbq! a few days she called him and said if we would like at a big fancy place she likes. he had told her no, we didn't want it that fancy and he (a life long picky eater doesnt like anything off the menu). a few days after that she called and told him she a put a deposit down for that place he just told her no to. we were pissed, but she did put the deposit down. she said we can pick 2 item from the menu as choices for our guests to eat. before we told her what wed like for food she called us and said shes getting chicken for everyone (I love chicken, but it was a dish that even I wont eat) we said we need 2 options, even if the second one is burgers. she said fine and told us to get a count of who wants burgers over chicken. she didnt expect as many of us to want burger and was upset over that and said she'll figure something else out for food there. then it was a fight when she asked exactly who we planned on inviting. we said only people in the wedding and thier date and my brother. she said no. my brother cant come because he is not in the wedding and it's too expensive to add people who aren't in the wedding, but it was okay for her to bring her boyfriend (who she started dating within the year) we said my brother is going and that is the end of that discussion. then she found out the place she decided to have the dinner required a minimum number of people, which was more than we had planned to invite. so she figured some aunts and uncles can go to reach that minimum and not go over. we said no. either they all are invited or none of them. I finally sent her a message saying the dinner has been adding so much extra stress and we need it to be finalized as we've all been fighting over it for months. in the message I said I asked if we could move the dinner elsewhere. its clear that where she booked it too expensive for her and not only that but me and soon to be husband told her we didnt want it there in the first place and we are not happy with the menu. she said never mind the dinner and she cancel it. I told her it's cool to cancel and asked if she would like to brainstorm ideas with us for other places we could the dinner at. she said no thank you. later we got a message from his aunt (her sistser) saying that his mom was responsible for the dinner and paying for it, therefore she should've gotten her way. we didnt even respond to that text. our feelings are that its OUR wedding and it should be how we want it, not how other people want it.

did I handle this well? or am I in the wrong?