Ahh the perks of having a dog 🐕 🤧

Natasha • I just want my rainbow baby 🤕🌈 08-28-15 👼🏻 Already 2 years ttc for you.☹️

Here’s a little story .....

I work a small shift from 4pm - 10pm , if between any of those hours my SO wants to go out, we lock our dog in the room . Don’t scream dog abuse! It’s cause she gets into trouble and we have rabbits that she just loves to scare. Plus she ate a whole freaking pizza once! See so we thought she wouldn’t get into sooo much trouble if she was in the room .

Ok ok lemme get to the point and stop the cheesy gif post 😂 . My so decides to go out and I was anxious closing at work cause I knew something was gonna be off (since I know Things don’t go right if I don’t do it) . I come home around 10:30 🤧 and I joyfully walk to greet her and this is what she greets me with

-sigh- don’t ask how bad my ocd was triggered , okay I’ll tell you, I had a minor almost huge panic attack 😕 okay no it wasn’t minor; I cried my eyes out 😂 I didn’t know what to do! My brain was trying to clean everything at once , it didn’t understand this would be a task 😭. Yes she’s locked in her crate in the back, she doesn’t stay in there for more than an hour , and it’s only used for time outs. Well gladly my mother didn’t raise no quitter!

Took me idk how long but I was much satisfied when I was finished🤧

- wanna hear something insane?! After I finished cleaning and let her out to drink and eat while I showered , this lady decided to waltz in my bathroom and ... PEE.RIGHT.ON.MY.BATHROOM MATT. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! 😂😭 gosh there’s a teenage girl stuck inside of my dog I know it. She did it to torture me a bit more 😭