Is something wrong?

Hey ladies, I think something could be wrong but I’d like another opinion. For the past few months when I get my period my cramps are insane. Like I feel like I need to poop constantly and I can’t, I’m constantly in pain (like, who’s-ringing-out-my-uterus pain), and it’s gotten to the point where the pain makes me nauseous and it makes my feet and legs hurt too. Aleeve doesn’t seem to help and neither does a heating pad. My bleeding is pretty heavy. Like I went through a pad in two hours when it should’ve been like 6 or 8. It slows down as my period goes on, but for the first few days it’s crazy. I also get clots about the size of marbles, and whenever I sit on the toilet it’s like blood just pours out of me. The cramps are fairly consistent throughout the week though, only getting a little better close to the end. I get cramps when I’m not on my period too, as well as other PMS symptoms. It’s not just the week before my period either, it’s like really frequently all the time. What could this be?