HELP?? What is this??


Hey y’all so I’m 41 weeks 3 days and yesterday every time I pooped or peed and wipe my vagina area there would be minimal dark discharge. FTM here and I don’t know when I should go into L&D; 😩 it’s so hard to tell if this is the real deal or not. I’m having cramps and contractions it’s painful but tolerable. So 30min. Ago I was gonna go to the store to buy food. I got into the car and as I sat down I felt something coming out of my vagina... I run inside the house and I look down and this is what I see

After this came out I started cramping a lot... I won’t be going to the store anymore because I’m afraid my water might break or I won’t be able to tolerate the pain. Should I go into L&D;??? I know that if I call my dr. There just gonna tell me to go in because they can’t diagnose you over the phone. Don’t know if this is my bloody show, mucus plug?? Start of labor??

Also, I just came from L&D; on Saturday it’s now Monday.

***UPDATE: new pad, more came out

UPDATE!! So I called my OB and she said to come in. She did cervical check and I was still 1cm. I showed her the photos and she said that it looks like my bloody show. She scheduled me to be induce tonight midnight!!! I’m so excited y’all 😭 wish me luck and let’s hope it doesn’t take too long for he medication to work. She did sweep my membrane so let’s hope I progress now till midnight 🤞🏼 7 hours to go