Dumpster Diving:


So I know these are vague answers, but I figured we’d start somewhere.

I’m currently laid up on bed rest watching a girl’s dumpster diving vlogs. She hasn’t found “great” stuff. She found a bath & body works candle, some soda’s, a (broken) hair straightener, and some makeup, that’s about it.

She mentioned that she does this because it’s free, and she has very little money. She stated that she disagrees with the stores intentionally breaking/damaging the products they’re throwing out, as they are already trash. She spoke about how hurtful some store managers were to her when they caught her looking thru the dumpsters, as well as threatening to call the police. (I believe dumpster diving is illegal in some areas)

I wanted to hear yall’s opinion on this.

Do you see anything wrong with dumpster diving? If you were a store associate, would you call the police on someone who was dumpster diving? Do you agree with the store intentionally breaking & damaging their products before they go to the dumpster?

Any extra thoughts

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