Milk blister on nipple :(

A few days ago I had developed a milk blister on my nipple. Feeding was so painful on that side and I was becoming so frustrated because my baby was going to a growth spurt and wanting to eat every 20 minutes it seemed. I was dreading each feeding and we both spent a lot of time crying that night lol. Anyway I was able to pop the blister after a hot compress and with some tweezers cleaned with rubbing alcohol. After that I felt IMMEDIATELY better, so I proceeded to nurse her and get the trapped milk out of there.

Today it seems to be back. I tried popping it again after a warm compress and a small bit of milk came out and I thought that was it (well it was white at least so hopefully it was milk), but I checked it again just now and I can still see some milk in there that looks deeper in the surface of my nipple so trying to pop it now hurts way to much. I’m not sure what to do! And also how can I prevent milk blisters after I get rid of this one? Makes me not want to breastfeed anymore I’ve had SO many painful issues already. Makes me stressed unhappy and in pain.