It’s a miracle my husband is alive!!!


6 years ago my husband had life saving heart surgery. And I am so thankful that he did cause this wonderful life we have together would not be here if he didn’t.

It all stared cause he had his wisdom teeth removed. Not that big of a deal right? Well it shouldn’t have been but someone in the opportune room was sick. So he ended up with an infection. 😕 he got a fever and all that would come with an infection. But when he when to the dr. They ended up thinking he had lupus. So after basically getting rid of his immune system they made everything so much worse. It got so bad that the infection went to his heart and pieces of his heart started to going into his blood stream! 😳 he ended up with a piece in his finger tip and one in his eye! Thankfully my mother-in-law took him to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. They were the ones to figure out that his heart was coming off in pieces and put him into surgery ASAP. They said they had never seen anyone with pieces of their heart in their blood stream like that live as long as he did (it took about a month before anyone new what was really happening to him) and at that point he only had hours to live!

The surgery went wonderfully! He had to get his aortic valve replace since the infection basically ate through his. He recovered and is doing great now!

I didn’t know him when all of this happens, we met about 2 years after the surgery. So I can only imagine what he had to go through. But i think God everyday that He gave my husband a second chance! And every time I see his scare I remember to never take anything for granted cause you never know what tomorrow will bring.

He will have to have more surgery’s as time goes by but I know God will give us the strength when that time comes. I am just so thankful for this wonderful man and this amazing life he has given me. I don’t know what I would do without him. God is so good!

This is him after surgery with his mom:

Him 1 year after surgery:

Us while we were dating:

Our little family today: