Bath Bombs While TTC


So I’m wondering if it’s OK to use bath bombs right before ovulation? I know that you’re cool to take a bath as long as it isn’t too hot, but I’m really wondering if a bath bomb would affect the pH. I know people say that the vagina collapses on it’s self when there’s nothing in it but I know that there have been times I have gotten water inside of me while taking a bath if I move around a lot or cough or something. There are a couple other posts with this question, but most of them are asking if they are safe to use while pregnant and the only one that was regarding to TTC didn’t really have any clear answers. Basically I just don’t want to do anything that can make it harder for us to conceive. So I’m trying to see if I need to wait until after I’m done ovulating before I can use this bath bomb LOL. Help?