Virgo Rising..


Are there any other Virgo risings out there who feel the constant pressure of staying healthy and sticking to a routine?

I have my own idea of fun, and it’s not necessarily hard for me to have fun.

I just feel like I’m never able to have fun without facing consequences that annoy the hell out of me.

For example, I had some drinks last night and got a little too drunk. Today, I feel like absolute dog shit so I ate crappy, did basically nothing, and I definitely didn’t go to the gym.

So because of this Virgo vibe I am kicking myself, and the little Virgo on my shoulder is like “mhm bitch this is why you don’t drink! You know that shit is bad for you anyways blah blah blah”.

When I look at it from a rational perspective, I know I’m allowed to have off days and in the end, it’s gonna be okay.

How does anyone else get over the whole “I have to work hard and be the best at everything all the time” vibe?