Baby scared me!! Sleeping arrangements


Hi everyone

Sorry long post

So my baby girl (8 month old) has always slept next to me in her cosleep crib

She goes to bed at around 7, we then spend our night downstairs until 10 or so. Usually between 7 and 10 she’ll wake up once maybe twice, call me, and fall back asleep as soon as I come up, lay next to her and breastfeed her. She can crawl but at night she normally just wake and call me. TONIGHT however, I heard her calling me, so went up, and found her like that :

I’m still shaking 🤯😱 thanks God I got there quickly, it looks like she turned around after realising that she could fall or something, not sure what exactly happened.

Anyway I am now looking for advice, I do have a normal cotbed with bars but she still wakes up quite a few times a night and only falls asleep on the boob so not sure how that’s going to work out... Also she moves SO much I’m afraid she’ll hurt her head with the bars...

Any advice on how to make sure everything goes smoothly, wheredo your babies sleep at night? If you had to change their sleeping arrangements, how did it go?

Thanks in advance everyone