My life at the moment 😊



I was in a relationship with my ex fiancé for 2 years almost 3 and things didn’t work out. I honestly think I stayed that long because I was scared to start all over again. We had our own place our kids were comfortable with each other (both from previous relationship) I didn’t want all that time to go to waste. Now looking back at it I was honestly not happy in that relationship and now that I’m single again I began to feel like myself again I missed the old me. I recently starting seeing someone and he’s been there for me since my separation with my ex he was there to listen to me. I’m so happy at the moment we made it official about a month ago and I’m taking things slow at the moment but he honestly makes me feel so happy. The only thing that sucks is that we work together same shift same department and so does my ex so at work we act like we’re strangers 😩