Helppp! Contractions?


Ok I know this sounds crazy, but what are contractions like?!? I know everybody says you’ll just know buuut i dont know if what I’m feeling is contractions or a pregnancy poop😂😂😂 So I’m 40 weeks and not progressing, we had sex yesterday to try to kick start something or anything! A few hours later my belly got rock hard, I kept getting this sharp pain in my belly, and I felt like I had to poop and if I didn’t go sit on the toilet I would poop on myself, but when I go sit on the toilet I feel relieved for the most part. So my belly kind of hurt through the night last night then it’s been fine today until this afternoon and it’s happened twice. This afternoon it’s been like a combination of a sharp pain in my belly and a sharp pain down my lower back, butt, and left leg (like my sciatic nerve). Contractions orrr..???