I've been having pain in my lymph nodes at my pelvic area. I've been getting it on and off through out my life i started getting it back when I was in school when I walk a lot. i recently walked at a far distance and the pain came back and then I had sex and I feel like the pain got worse when I first got it my lymph nodes were swollen but not so much I went to the health center and I got medicines that stop the pain. but this time around I went to planned parenthood and they said it was herpes because when I sex my significant other teared my vigina so now I've been having trouble going to the bathroom. And so they gave me numbing he'll and pills for it that seems to help but I just went to the bathroom and I saw blood. I feel like it's just a track infection I don't thinks herpes because every time I get tested I come up negative didn't have sex till my significant other came in picture and we've been having sex for 2 months now. the last time I got test was 4 month ago and didn't have sex till now.