Friend keeps trying to one up me.


Now I know this probably seems petty as fuck on my behalf but I need to vent 😭 So my “friend” constantly has to one up me.

When I told her I was pregnant she was all like “look I’m really happy for you and all but it’s close to my due date” she had a chemical pregnancy maybe 2 months before I found out I was pregnant. So she wouldn’t have been even close to her due date if the pregnancy was to continue. But I took her into consideration and tried not to rub her face in it and I was supportive of her.

About a week ago my partner of 3 years proposed, I of course said yes! Yay me 😍 I message my group of friends that she is in and all I get from her is a message saying “congrats can everyone please rsvp to my party thanks” like really????? 😭

And now the big kicker today she got engaged to a guy she’s been seeing for less than a month and then proceeded to say how her ring was custom made. I asked her how he proposed and tried to be happy for her and then she decided after she explained her fabulous proposal to ask about mine. Yeah thanks for giving a damn 🙄

She’s also had her bar taken out to try and get pregnant by this guy too.

Am I in the wrong for feeling like this? Like ugh it makes me so mad 😡😭 judge all you want but I just needed to vent x thanks ladies.