Going through a break up or taking a break

My LDR of 9 months just broke up with me due to the pressure and stress of long distance and us fighting a little more. He says it driven him crazy and he can’t do it anymore. He says he still loves me and doesn’t want to loose me altogether or stop talking to me. He wants to help me through this, But it gets so confusing bc he says different things on the phone. When he called me after telling me all that stuff on text and after talking to me we decided to take a break. He said he would text me a couple of times a day. I then asked him if he would see other people on a break. He said Michelle I’m not breaking up with you because I want to be with someone else or start talking to someone else. He said that he would tell me when he wanted to start seeing other people and he said if there is a spark later on then we will see what happens. He wants to still be my friend but I asked him if he would still be my friend if I started seeing other people. He said he didn’t think he could and I agreed. We ended the phone conversation telling eachother we loved each other one last time. Do you think he is just keeping up this text on the phone bc he wants to make it easier on him or me to let us go? I would think it would be harder on both of us. Or you think he is not sure really what he wants? Do you think there is hope that we might rekindle something later on? Should I move on and not text him? Please be honest