Somethings up

Alright y’all. Does this sound fishy to you.

So my boyfriend and I are in a sorta long distance relationship (but we are each other all the time). He got drunk one night and went out with a girl. He called me later that night and told me what happened. He said she want to reach for his dick and he yelled at her and pushed her hand away. Then changed it to she was about to put it in her mouth. Then said all they did was kiss. Then noting happened at all and it was just a bad dream but he was so adamant on getting an std test. I saw a message from her on his phone saying all they did was kiss. He still denies it.

Now he just texted me saying his friends mom asked him for a ride to the store (which she’s done before so he says. He didn’t do it the first time though) and now his phone is coincidentally on 1%. Does this sound fishy? Or is it just me being paranoid (we share locations with each other but he could say his phone is dead and then it off and I won’t be able to see where he is.)