Boyfriend won’t let me go on a free cruise..

Taylor • 🐾 05.09.20 💍 Due 09/25/2021 🍼

I’m not sure how to feel about this, ladies.. my boyfriend and I a very serious. He just bought a house with me in March (I’m a Real Estate Agent). And we both live here together. Prior, we were in a rental together with roommates for a year. We were only together 6mo before moving in. We plan to get married.. we’ve said all of the mushy gushy stuff and all that Jazz. A co-worker of mine wants me to go on a cruise with them to watch their 3y/o so that they can have a little alone time. They’re paying for EVERYTHING!! My boyfriend is welcome to come we would just pay his difference. He doesn’t want to spend the money or take off work so he doesn’t want to go. I’ve already told these people FOR SURE that I am going. He doesn’t want me to leave for 10 days. I’m not exactly excited to be away from him and miss him for that long either, but I’ve never flown on a plane nor have I been on a cruise. I am excited!!! I wanted him to come with me. I could easily pay for him to join me. Money isn’t really the issue. He could honestly afford it too. But he doesn’t want to. He told me again last night that he really cannot go 10 days without me. He has a fear of large boats and bone being in one without his protection isn’t something he is or ever will be okay with.. :( I’m so torn. I’ve already told my friends/co workers I would go. They’ve booked the trip.. non refundable & I want to respect my boyfriend but.... I feel it isn’t a big deal to let me go for 10 days.. what would you ladies do? I’m so torn I need advice..