Breastfeeding shun 😔


Okay so I found out I’m expecting with baby number 2 recently🤗💗😍

With my first i breastfeed up until 18mo (which wasn’t initially the plan but hey W2G me) anyway my in laws always made jokes and thought it was nasty and was never supportive but I knew that’s what I wanted to do with or without their support. Now they’re asking me in front of the whole family if “ I’m going to make their grandchild feed from my utters again” and other immature comments.

Yes I already went through it once so I should be twice as tough I know, but truth is I’m not, I feel I have been in the family for over 7 years now and I want their trust, support but mostly LOVE. I want to know why/how they see it as disgusting/disturbing and I see it as miraculous and the best sacrifice I can give my child at the time.

Am I the only one?