Update on Spontaneous Triplets

C • Momma 💗

This is not the update I wanted to give, nor the update anyone wanted to receive.

I had an emergency ultrasound yesterday afternoon following some light spotting and cramping. Not only could the tech not find a heartbeat on baby C, but baby B’s heartbeat had stopped. I’m in shock. I didn’t even know this was a possibility. I heard Baby B’s heartbeat last time and it was strong, and healthy, and she was measuring right where she was supposed to. I didn’t even know I had to worry about her.

Baby A is doing well. Heartbeat is 166, and she’s starting to move around. Even though all the signs look good for baby A, I can’t help but worry and fear something will happen to her too.

This isn’t a very upbeat post, but I’m not in a very upbeat place. Thank you to everyone for your prayers. We have another ultrasound scheduled for Wednesday to check again on Baby A, and confirm B & C’s results one last time. I’m unsure what the plan is from there. It’s a Saturday so our doctor is out, and I’ve obviously never been through anything remotely like this.