BFP! I’m freaking out! 🤗


This was the first month using and opk. App said I was ovulating about 5 days before opk said I was (I can’t help but think we’ve been missing my window these last 5 months...). I had been feeling symptoms all throughout the tww - cramping, headaches, runny nose, super hungry and horny, got a couple mucus cysts in my bottom lip (not sure if connected), and sore boobs and hard nipples. I never get sore boobs or hard nips before my period so I decided to test around 13 dpo and it was negative. It was still early and I continued to have sore boobs so I waited 4 days and tested again. Got a bfp this morning! I’m still in shock! I can’t believe it! Will definitely be taking another test later today, tomorrow and the next day to make sure, probably until it really sinks in haha!