Period after miscarriage

I had a miscarriage on June 3rd at 5 weeks. Had it confirmed that Hcg was extremely low and I also took a pregnancy test to confirm it was over.

I’m now on cycle day 38 (my average cycle is 33 days) and my period still hasn’t started. I’ve taken a pregnancy test which came back negative. This morning I had a tiny bit of spotting (size of a quarter), cramps, pain and bloating, took some Tylenol and then nothing else has happened. I was hoping it was my period starting so that I know my body is getting back in the cycle of things.

I know I should ask a doctor but I’m going away and don’t have any time right now.

Has anyone else had experience with this? It just feels like it’s taking a long time to get back to normal.

Hey <a href="">Eve</a> m, I normally ovulate around 17-19, I tried testing for t this month but got highs from cycle day 12 - 19 with no peak so I gave up testing as I ran out of tests. I’ll just have to be patient I suppose, which is hard for me.

Thanks for the lovely responses. Sorry to hear some of you have been through it too, it’s a really tough situation but I’m sure we’ll all get our miracles soon🤞🏻🤗