Beyond Confused and Bothered


I went in for my first doctor visit, instead of being 12w6d I am measuring at 14w6d, I went to the ER last Tuesday (suppose to have been 11w6d) and I was measuring at 12w6d. The ER said I was a week ahead, OB said I’m 2 weeks again. No one has told me my due and the ER never mentioned my fibroid where as the US tech discovered I have a fibroid growing as well.

I’m not sure if my due date had change or I just have a big baby growing, and shouldn’t they have mentioned more about the fibroid? The OB was ready to push me out and the way he talked to me like I was a underage teen that was hiding my pregnancy from my parents. Automatically I got that vibe like I’m going to be treated like I a child which, sorry sir I am a grown adult. I’m just short with a friendly personality. I’m not sure I want to go back to that OB and I do have another schedule elsewhere.

Should I worry about the fibroid, US tech just said it was benign if could grow or might not. I want it monitored because I am too young to be having those and grandma had those. She got a hysterectomy, this is my first child I don’t want an “oops” or “we should have got it earlier” type thing to happen not a hysterectomy....