Toddler is constantly constipated any remedies?


My 3 yr old son has had this issue since he was 1 1/2 it seems. Doctors said there’s nothing to do but give him daily Miralax. I’ve tried organic potty drops, prune snacks, prune juice which he doesn’t like, shakes with fiber veggies and fruits but because it turns green he won’t have it, and chewy vitamin C. He won’t eat any veggies at all since he turned almost 2 yrs old. We give him whole everything and beans. He drinks lots of water as it is because it’s our priority drink. He only has juice when I have to put Miralax in it in order for him to keep it down. He is a picky eater. My other child will eat anything and everything(she’s 2). If I don’t give him Miralax then he won’t have a stool for a week or longer if I don’t catch it which I have. A few times before Miralax, I had taken him to see his doc because his stomach was so HUGE and they took an X-ray of his tummy which they saw a size of a baseball of stool in there. Doc said from now on he has to have Miralax daily to get a stool routine since he can’t go on his own. I feel really bad giving him this, but nothing else has helped. We can’t get potty training down 💯 because he has semi to runny stools and won’t go to the potty tt to poop it out. So we’re struggling with both. I blame constipation for him not fully potty trained. This stuff makes his stomach upset and uncomfortable 😣 when he was a baby he was BF and he ate all veggies and fruits up until a 1 1/2, so with our daughter she wasn’t fed much fruits for experiencing my son not eating veggies, so we said with her the fruits are very limited until she is shows she really enjoys veggies. We give her both fruits and veggies now. I’m just looking for other options out there from mothers who may know a lot more about our constipation topic.