Need helpful advice please

My bf is fed up with me. I know he is, I don’t work, I don’t go to school, I can’t cook, I can’t drive. I’m worthless and just a huge burden on everyone I know. I want to change. It’s hard but I’m trying. I’m taking my permit test next week. Looking for jobs, I already signed up for school and I’m willing to sell my things in order to pay him back for the stuff he buys me. I pay my own bills by babysitting for a family. He offers to buy me groceries then gets mad because I’m not independent. I’m trying.. I really am. I understand how he feels like I’m a kid and I need to grow up. I’m trying to fix it but I’m not sure he’s willing to stay any longer. I fucked up bad. Honestly considering suicide so I can’t bother anyone anymore. Please help