Social fiancé 😢

My fiancé is very social and has a lot of friends. His family is large and it seems like he’s constantly busy besides work. I only work part time and take care of our house, animals and toddler majority of the time. I don’t have any close family or friends and lately it’s wearing on me. He has plans every weekend, mostly without me and it really bothers me. He also tends to leave out major details of his night and I’m usually in bed before he even gets back home. I don’t tend to call or message him cuz I don’t want to be annoying and he usually doesn’t even pay attention to his phone- especially if he’s drinking. Anyway, how do I change this? I’ve tried to ask for a night out myself but I don’t even have fun going out/ drinking anymore. I also feel guilty leaving my toddler unless I absolutely have to( work/doctors). He on the other hand makes plans and can leave at the drop of a hat. Ugh I’m just frustrated. And I’m not trying to be annoying. 😞😔 End rant.