Constipation sucks


So my constipation started yesterday night.

I had it a few weeks back ,(I’m 20 weeks ) and that one lasted maybe a few hours.

But this I knew was different. I was really backlogged

So , I’m shifting in and out of bed , took a warm bath at 12am, walking around this house in constipated pain

Nothing is working and I don’t have any colcace or prune juice because it’s 12am

I actually had to take

Off work this morning bc my job requires me to move a lot and if anyone knows what I’m taking about , the pain is real

So my mom got me prune juice this morning and brought it to me

Bc hubby doesn’t get home until 7pm

I drank maybe half the bottle.

Hubby asked how I was feeling and no more than 5 min later , I finally took my loose

(TMI) poop

I still

Feel backed up a little bit but it’s getting there.

Pregnancy is So hard sometimes