New to fertility problems.

Mallory • Married 💍 and mom of 2. Have lost 3 in the past but hoping to give my husband a child of his own.

So my husband and I decided to start trying back in Jan. I went in for my yearly in nov and told her that I wasn’t having normal periods. They found I have PCOS. I have been on clomid for 5 rounds now and I’m maxed out on dose. Out of the f5 I have only ovulated twice and both times I didn’t conceive. This last round I didn’t ovulate but I’m willing to try another round before going to the fertility clinic. One thing I’m afraid of is cost. I know my insurance doesn’t cover fertility at all. I would love more than anything to give my husband a child of his own but I don’t wanna break us financially just to do it. Any suggestions or words of advice? What can I expect from the fertility clinic?? I’m nervous and stressed.