Are you f*****g me!

So my husband and I have our problems. No big deal everyone does.

A little over two months ago he tells me this sob story on how his friends wife left him and kicked him out and he needed a place to stay.

Me being the person I am, said no on can live on the street. He can come and stay.

A couple days turned into I see you changed your fucking address to my house. Get a P.O. box dude. So we agreed time for him to go. He’s not paying for anything called into work multiple times and I’m not having it.

So flash forward to present day. My husband is a stay at home dad and is watching our daughter and trying to go back to school. So I need his email info to check them to make sure he is doing everything the school is asking or I can do it.

Then he says don’t check my google photos.

*i check the fucking Google photos*

A day before our daughters birthday him and his friend went to go help someone move some furniture and didn’t come home till late.


I found photos of what he was doing that night. Him and his mooching ass friend went and saw girls.

So sloths sally over here saw a photo with her address number.

Guess who compared google photos with his personal photos and now has the exact location of this girl he was draped all over .

So long sorry short sally needs some help. I have contemplated going over to her house and asking what’s up!

But also I am an adult!

Help! What should I do!