7 year old niece. I love her to death but she annoys me sometimes especially since I get irritated so easily. I miss when she was small!

Ladies don't get me wrong I LOVE my niece but she is just to much. I could just be sitting there and she comes and climbs all over me, Kissing all over my face, jumping on my back, trying to make me play tag or hide and seek, trying to make me watch her play games and trying to drag me around to do whatever she does. I love her but goodness she's to much and persistent. If she doesn't get her way she starts making a sad face or saying I dont love you anymore or you're not my tia anymore. I feel like she's so dependent on everyone and if she doesn't get her way she acts up. When her mom gets after her she acts all innocent and then tells me I hate my mom or i wish she wasn't my mom she's mean. She isn't mean she just has to get after her because she never learns. She knows she's acting up but she still does it. Her mom could tell her no but there she goes doing it again. I hate telling her to stop or no but she needs to know to not be all over someone.

My other niece and nephew are way younger and nothing like this. Her being a child is not excuse she knows better she just decides not to listen. Her mom also thinks it's because we really babied her at a younger age and because I would always play and be with her. But now she seems like to much for her age. I love her but even her mom agrees. Lacey I would feel do bad telling her that I usually say no ____ I dont feel like doing that. She also has younger siblings she can play with she just wants to act up and her mom said she only acts like that when I'm around. Like she tries to hard and when we tell her no she still does it. Mallory I know she's a child and wants attention but when we tell her no she should know right from wrong. Her other younger sister and brother are independent and will play by themselves and dont care to play around like she does. Yes I know she loves me and I love her also but she's to demanding and when we say to stop she keeps trying to pull me saying come on knowing I don't want to. Or when me and her mom are talking she gets all on me and starts talking in my face knowing in talking. She knows she isn't supposed to do that. Dont get me wrong I play with her here and there but I dont always want to play around or run.