I'm back...so here is a little story.

Stephanie • First time Mom. Cadence coming Feb 2019 💙!

on June 30th I experience some bleeding, I was 6 weeks exactly. Went to the ER (Naples,Fl) and after they did blood tests, abdominal ultrasound and transvaginal ultrasound. They came to the conclusion that I was experiencing a miscarriage. I was devastated, depressed, I cried for days. Went to my OBGYN ( Pembroke Pines,Fl) on the following Monday she ran blood tests and said my levels seemed normal but the best thing to do was wait until my already scheduled ultrasound July 17th. When I tell you those were the longest 2 weeks of my life. I felt like time was moving backwards. My birthday was the 13th and I barely celebrated. Then the 17th was here. I literally was on pins and needles. I kept telling myself it'll be ok no matter the outcome. I'll get through this. And at 124pm on July 17th the U/S tech said theirs your baby measuring right at 8 weeks and 3 days, with a heart rate of 152bpm. All the emotions I felt at that moment are unexplainable. I'm beyound grateful and blessed that my baby didn't leave me. I'm still on track for my due date of Feb 23rd 😍. So here's my little nugget and ask is it possible to be added back to the Facebook group????