Sciatica - an ointment I found that works

Honey🌚 • 27. Pcos. Married. 👶🏻💙2/22/2020

I have Sciatica. I’ve had it for about 4+ months now. It has made my life miserable. My summer has been ruined since I cant go anywhere in the car past a mile without being in excruciating pain. I started getting physical therapy for it. I’ve gotten an mri done. Will be waiting on results for that. Hopefully I won’t be needing a surgery. Anyways I have tried everything. when I say everything I mean literally every ointment , pain killer , muscle relaxer everything out there. Nothing has worked. Yesterday I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I researched online for some remedies for relief and I came across “capsicum ointment” I read the reviews and it scared me when people said after applying it they felt like their skin was on fire and stuff but I still ended up going out and I bought it. For the first time in 4 months I can roll over in bed without crying. Yes It burns like hell!!!! Omg I feel like my skin will come off but I’ll take that feeling over the excruciating back pain. There was lots of topics previously about Sciatica when I looked it up. And I just wanted to share this. If you know someone who has it show it to them. Apply a tiny amount btw not too much