3 hr testing


Can someone please tell me what these mean? The doctors office placed these on my online chart but has failed to tell me what the heck it means. I failed my first one hr test. They wanted it to be no higher than 139 and I was at 152. Here's the pics of my results from the 3 hr testing.

They did 4 blood draws in total and 1 finger prick. I should have at least 4 test results it seems like they would post the 3rf hr results?

I'm wondering what this first pic is referring to anyways - I'm not sure what glucose (hemocue) is I guess? Or why it's different than the other tests. Possibly the finger prick they did?



I got my 3 hr back! It was in normal range :) just waiting on call back but I'm pretty sure it means I'm in the clear :)