Crazy Mother Vent Sesh 🙄

So, I’ve had a pretty complicated pregnancy. I see my high risk doctor twice a week and my regular OB every other week while working full time at 29 weeks with Cholestasis, restricted cord flow, and my fluid being way too high (so I’m the size of about 33 weeks). Needless to say, I’m exhausted, uncomfortable, and feeling yucky all the time. I had to wake up at 7 am this morning for a doctor’s appointment which is just out of the ordinary for me since I don’t get home from work until 11:30 pm and have trouble sleeping throughout the night anyway. So today I’ve been double exhausted. Luckily, I got some time off approved to leave work early and I immediately knocked out when my body hit the couch.

My husband wakes me up from my nap and I am fuuuurrrrriiiiooouuuuusssssss with him until he tells me my mom is blowing up my phone and his. Basically, I agreed to let my little sister come spend the night this Saturday at our house just for fun. I wake up to a billion messages along the lines off “are you taking Joey to do anything special on Saturday? Are you going to the carnival or to dinner? Are you planning something special? Hello? I’d appreciate a response. You need to answer me. Now. FU.” You get the gist.

FIRST OF ALL: Is the sleepover not the special event that’s happening? Excuse me but, I thought having a fun sleepover WAS the something special. Why do I have to plan something in addition? I’m huge and uncomfortable and saving for our CHILD so forgive me for not wanting to walk around a carnival or spend money on eating out when I have plenty of food in my home. SECOND: If your message doesn’t say it’s been read, I CLEARLY HAVENT SEEN IT YET. Why would you act like I’m ignoring you and expect me to jump when you say ‘message me back’!? Isn’t that the convenience of a message- that I can answer it when I get the damn chance!? And to get a lovely “FU” because I’m sleeping and haven’t seen your insane messages!? Wtf!

Ugh, I just had to vent to my fellow pregnant Mommas. I’m so furious. The fact that my husband had to wake me from my nap because my mom is a lunatic is mind blowing to me. I’m trying to keep my cool but what the actual fuck. Who acts like that!?